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The coming months at Lake Forest Garden Club will be exciting.  We have lots to look forward to and you can keep up to date by reading all the articles included with our newsletter.

There is another fieldtrip scheduled that should be fun and informative for everyone. On April 14th we will visit Shinoda Design Center, a wholesale floral supply warehouse in Santa Ana that has indoor and outdoor garden décor.  We will see a private demonstration by their head designer and tour the newly remodeled warehouse. I have registered our club and Shinoda’s has generously sent us ID cards so that we can shop there any time. They will be available when you sign in at our general
meeting. There is only one card per member, and they do not expire, so keep them safe.

I’m looking forward to seeing you as we kick off 2023.

Pat  C


Frequent comments I hear from our new members are “Everyone is so nice and friendly” and “This club is a very caring and well connected group.” A huge a compliment to all our members.
Since our last Rosette, we have had 5 members join. Please look for and welcome Katherine W, Roxana T, Vicky K and Janet F as well as a returning member, Rosemary M.

Including the last couple of meetings of 2021-2022 to date, we have had 22 members join our Lake Forest Garden Club. It is refreshing to see the vitality and enthusiasm these new members share. You will see our new members Suzanne S, Susan D, Ashley U & Pat J welcoming you when you walk in.

Special thanks to Suzanne S & Susan D for taking charge of Penny Pines.  Susan has also offered her expertise for our web site, which is

Membership means MEMBERS, both new and “seasoned”. If you know of a member that you have not seen in the meeting for a while, I’m sure they would appreciate a warm call or caring act from another member to let them know that they are missed and thought of.

Please remember to sign in when you arrive at the meetings to get your nametag.  This is related to our insurance.  If you forget to sign in, the sign-in sheets are available throughout the meeting. This is a gentle reminder to all, including myself.


I think I will be one of the best speakers you have had for a while---you can let me know. It’s a PowerPoint slide show showing you how to easily grow lots of tomatoes and vegetables in your garden. And bring your questions....We will answer them.


See tomato plants loaded with tomatoes -- some with over 100# on 1 plant. Tomatoes are probably the most popular garden vegetable grown and not always easily grown.  I’ll show you how.When I say easy---I will show you what specific name brand soils to use, what specific tomatoes to plant, when to plant, specific name brand fertilizers to use, and how to easily take care of those tomatoes whether grown on containers, raised beds or backyard dirt... it’s foolproof.   Click on the following link www.growtomatoeseasily.comMy email: davethetomatoguy@gmail.comSee you Soon......bring all your questions




Dave the Tomato Guy and in his own words
"I’m looking forward to talking with your club about easily growing tomato & vegetable gardens.  We’ll have fun and you will be surprised how easy it is to grow lots and lots of tomatoes as well as other vegetables. Improving your soil easily will probably be the best improvement you make.... don’t plant anything until after we meet.



Noel D S became a Master Gardener in 2018 and was instrumental in the success
of our first online training class.  She is co-lead for the 2023 Master Gardener training class.  She organized the selection process for new Master Gardeners including the application, application review, and interview process. She is a lead on the General Meeting Planning Team, and active with the Propagation Team, the Pop-ups, and the Youth Demonstration Garden.  In addition to being a Master Food Preserver, Noel
has served as a liaison with the Lake Forest Garden Club that has sponsored Master Gardener training scholarships. She stated, "When I leave SCREC I feel such a sense
of community with information to share".  


Master Gardener Golden Trowel Award November 5, '22


Master Food Preserver
Virginia (Ginny) H.

 Graduated 2022

Ginny is a Lake Forest Garden Club member several years and has held several positions including Co-President for 2 years.  Ginny has been instrumental with motivating members and creating several projects.  She is always wiling to help anywhere she is needed.

Janine was accepted to the 2023 Master Gardener Program out of 130 applicants, only “34” Trainees were accepted.


Janine has been a Lake Forest Garden Club member
since since 2000.  She has contributed hours and hours of volunteer time for several different projects.

She stated, “I am honored to have been chosen for the UC Master Gardener program”. This opportunity has
been a long time goal of hers.
She is so excited to start this new adventure.


Master Gardener in Training 2023 Class - Janine L


Hospice will meet at 9 am to clean flowers from Albertsons and Fuji Warehouse. We begin making arrangements for MemorialCare Hospice out of Saddleback Hospital about 9:20 on Friday, January 20th, at the Beach and Tennis Club.

Please bring extra greens that are at least 10 inches long and clean off all leaves the last 6 inches.  It is best to cut greens the day before to allow them to refresh in water all night (unless it has been raining recently).  The greens add a lot to our arrangements, giving us a chance to share from our gardens.  It is especially wonderful to have scented greens like lavender and rosemary.

We try to make arrangements for members of LFGC who have recently been ill.  Please let Pat P (Corresponding Secretary) know so she can send a get well card and  she will let the hospice committee know of the needed cheerful arrangement. 

You are welcome to join us.  Please come and we will match you with someone who is familiar with arranging our special vases for hospice where we include a note saying hi and the first name of the arranger! It’s fun and you will bring a smile to someone on the 20th!




We enjoy sending greeting cards.  Let me know if you know of a Garden Club member who is ill or if you haven’t seen them in awhile.  This membership year so far, 35 greeting cards have been sent to members.


Happy New Year to all LFGC members!  The New Year brings a number of popular activities for our club such as the February Tea, the LFGC Garden Tour, workshops to prepare plants for our Mothers Day Boutique, and the actual Boutique on the Saturday before Mothers Day.

For January, your Hospitality Committee will be serving a popular treat———Bagels with various toppings available.  We will make sure to put the toaster on the table for those of you who prefer a toasted bagel.


Our first Succulent Container Arranging Workshop will be held on:
On:  Tuesday, January 24th  at 9am at Barbara F's Garage

Our second  Succulent Container Arranging Workshop will be held on:
On:  Monday, January 30th  at 9am at Barbara F's Garage

Please take some cuttings of your most awesome succulents about 1 week before the Succulent Container Arranging Workshop  and bring to the general meeting on January 20, or drop off at Barbara's house before the Succulent Container Arranging Workshop  or day of workshop.

If you have any wonderful, quirky or unusual containers that we can use for the succulent arrangements, bring to the general meeting on January 20, or drop off at Barbara's house before the Succulent Container Arranging Workshop  or day of workshop.

Come and join us to create and learn as we make beautiful arrangements for our annual Boutique in May.



Hooray, we’re finally purchasing our first plantation. LFGC Penny Pines' donors have contributed $68
since September, and  we’ve been asked to purchase a plantation in memory of Beckie S. That takes
our fund down to zero so please give generously at our next meeting.  The Penny Pines boxwill be in the
usual place by the little pine tree.  Thanks for  helping with this meaningful project.

FYI - In 1941, California’s first Penny Pines plantation was sponsored by the San Francisco Sportswomen’s Association. Recognizing the great need to restore these devastated areas, the association sent their donation to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in northern California. Since that contribution, the number of participating groups and individuals has grown each year. They include such organizations as the Garden and Women’s Clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, civic and sportsmen’s clubs, and many others.   CGCI adopted Penny Pines as a state project in 1957 and it remains one of our major projects today.   Over the years these groups have contributed more than a million dollars to the Penny Pines Reforestation Program.   Through these donations, more than 27 million of seedlings have been planted, renewing 88,000 acres of national forest land in California –
truly an outstanding achievement.

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