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The excitement builds as we approach our annual Plant Sale and Boutique in May. This year we also have the Shinoda Field Trip and Tour in April to look forward to.

Here’s a tip for propagating plants for the Boutique: My baby plants from seeds and cuttings couldn’t withstand the cold nights, and I was frantic that I wouldn’t have any for the Boutique.

I cheated, and bought 6 packs of sturdy flowers and herbs, using my CGCI card that gives me 10% off at the nursery. I then transplanted them into 4 inch pots (from Anne) and they are growing beautifully. I keep them on trays and bring them in at night after learning the hard way.  They go back out in the morning to bask in the sun, but not if it is raining. Give it a try and good luck!

Pat  C


To date (since July 1, 2022), we have had 28 new members join our Lake Forest Garden Club.  Some of our new members have been recommending us. THANK YOU!

Please give a hearty LFGC welcome to our 6 newest new members: Linnae Williams; Judy Flores; Gloria Martin: Susan Pasternak; Michael & Ernestine Alabi.

A Meet & Greet for recent (and older) new members was held on Saturday, February 11th and attended by 11 new members. We met at Heritage Hills Park at the picnic benches; it was a crisp and beautiful day.  The members shared their gardening history and some information about themselves.  A good time was had by all.  A response from a new member, Mary, “I really enjoyed meeting the other new members and look forward to being a member of the Garden Club.”

I have appreciated our new member’s enthusiasm to become involved in club activities. I feel very privileged to get to know them personally as we journey together.

Starting April, we will be accepting renewal deposits for our 2023-2024 fiscal year, which will start July 1, 2023  and continue through June 30, 2024.  We are returning to our pre-pandemic dues amount of $40 individual/$45 couples.  The money for 2023-2024 will not be deposited until after the start of our new fiscal year (July 1st) to keep each year’s accounting of membership numbers a bit more manageable for CGCI insurance for the Treasurer. Checks are preferred, but cash will be accepted.  At this time, we are unable to perform a credit card function.  Thank you for your understanding of our renewals.


Catalina Island’s Native Plants/Speaker: Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks has been a Master Gardener since 2018. He is Co-lead of the 2023 Master Gardener Training Class. In addition, he is one of the Disc Jockeys for the Master Gardener weekly radio show In The Garden on Thursday mornings, 8:30-9:30 on 88.9 KUCI FM.

The Channel Islands are home to over 48 species of plants that are found nowhere else on Earth. We’ll look at these islands and learn about how to grow some of these unique plant species right here in OC. In addition, we’ll learn about how to visit the Channel Islands focusing on Santa Catalina as it is the easiest for us to reach.


California’s Channel Islands are one of the west coast’s most remarkable places. Habitats on these islands are similar but not quite the same as mainland California habitats. Because of species being isolated, they adapt
and create new species and subspecies.



On March 17, HOSPICE FLOWERS will be at the Beach and Tennis Club.  Cleaning of flowers will begin around 9am and making arrangements around 9:20am. We welcome all to join us. We also make a large floral arrangement for the front desk and many arrangements for LFGC members who might have health or stressful events in their lives. Our hope is to bring a smile to many who are finding daily life overwhelming.

Fuji Wholesale and Albertson’s donate many lovely flowers to us, but we do need additional greens to help fill the floral arrangements. Greens need to be cleaned so no leaves will be in the water, helping to prevent bacteria in the arrangements since we are usually giving the flowers to people with compromised health issues. It is best to pick greens on Thursday to allow them to be refreshed since a new cut opens up the cells and allows the greens to live longer in the arrangement.


Memorial Care volunteer Ed will come to pick up the completed arrangements around 10am. There is a list of members that are receiving extra arrangements that need to be delivered after our meeting. We are a friendly group and would love to help new people join us. We will match someone with you to help you if you are new.It’s always good to come early and learn how to clean the expired flowers we receive from Albertsons as well as meet other members of LFGC.We appreciate extra vases that are about quart sized to make arrangements for members of LFGC who are ill, hospitalized or bereaved.  Also, we have the need for the cylinder Kleenex boxes for helping to transport hospice vases.  Please drop off at Nadine’s home on her front porch any time.  Thank you.




We enjoy sending greeting cards.  Let me know if you know of a Garden Club member who is ill or if you haven’t seen them in awhile.  This membership year so far, 35 greeting cards have been sent to members.



Even though March has begun in the same way February ended, we certainly hope warmer weather will soon be here. Most of us are really anxious to plant flowers and vegetables, clean up our gardens and yards, and prepare for our Annual Spring Boutique and Plant Sale, Hopefully, the weather will clear up, and we will have sunshine with just a few welcome showers as Spring approaches.

Your Hospitality Committee thanks all members who participated in the February Tea. We apologize for the electrical difficulties while trying to keep hot water available for the teapots and now know we must use other outlets in the kitchen when using more than 2 electrical appliances, Thank you so much for your patience that day. In addition, the Committee appreciated the lovely table decorations, delicious “tea party” food offerings, and beautiful hats and tea apparel,

The LFGC Hospitality Committee looks forward to serving some new treats for the St Patrick’s Day gathering for our March General Meeting. Please feel free to give us any suggestions you might have for future meetings. And, remember to donate any extra tea bags you might have at home.



Hello fellow gardeners,
Our final workshop in preparation for the Annual Boutique (Saturday, May 13, 2023)
will be held on April 24th, 9 - 1, location TBA. For this workshop we will need
plants and baskets. Please bring all the plants you have propagated for flower
baskets and any baskets you have either to the April General Meeting
(Friday, April 21st) or to the workshop. We would like any herbs, vegetables and
grasses you may have propagated as well.

The goal is to make >100 baskets. This requires much input and help from you.
There is still time to start seeds. The basket workshop will be held at

Marilyn Hill
22091 Bellcroft Drive, Lake Forest
If you have any questions, text Anne Breuer


Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 11.22.30 AM.png



Our Penny Pines program keeps moving along. Last month, February, we collected $28; so far this year our garden club has been able to purchase three plantations.  Our state has been so blessed with an abundance of snowfall lately which will certainly be nourishing our forests.

If you are interested in hiking, or just appreciating nature, you will find a gem in our local
Angeles National Forest. The Sturtevant Falls Trail is in the Big Santa Anita Canyon area
and is accessible from the 210 freeway.  A short way down the trail you will discover
80 historical resort era cabins scattered along the creeks. Those were built by their
individual owners between 1907 and 1936. No two cabins are the same.  Further down
the trail you’ll eventually see the beautiful waterfalls and meandering creeks. You will
also discover the oldest forest service structure in the country still in its original location.
It is a hand built log structure built in 1903. So much history — so much beauty — so  much worth protecting!


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