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Welcome to the Lake Forest Garden Club.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful year of education, trips and tours, laughter and friendship.

The board and committees have been planning events for the upcoming year, and we wish you a wonderful exciting time at our meetings.

Anne Breuer


Program: Tower Gardening, an alternative form of gardening. Known as aeroponic gardening. Plants grow faster, produce more and self water, indoor or outdoor.

When: Friday, September 15, at 11am.

Speaker: Jennifer Davies



HOSPICE FLOWERS this September will be at the Beach and Tennis Club meeting on September 15.  Cleaning of flowers will begin around 9 am and making arrangements around 9:20 am. We welcome all to join us making floral arrangements for Memorial Care Hospice out of Saddleback Hospital. We also make a large floral arrangement for the front desk and many arrangements for LFGC members who might have health or stressful events in their lives. Our hope is to bring a smile to many who are finding daily life overwhelming. 

Fuji Wholesale and Albertson’s donate many lovely flowers to us, but we do need additional greens to help fill the floral arrangements. Greens need to be cleaned so no leaves will be in the water, helping to prevent bacteria in the arrangements since we are usually giving the flowers to people with compromised health issues. It is best to pick greens on Thursday to allow them to be refreshed since a new cut opens the cells and allows the greens to live longer in the arrangement.


Memorial Care volunteer Ed will come to pick the completed arrangements around 10 am. There is a list of members that are receiving extra arrangements that need to be delivered after our meeting. We are a friendly group and would love to help new people join us. We will match someone with you to help you if you are new. It’s always good to come early and learn how to clean the expired flowers we receive from Albertsons as well as meet other members of LFGC.


We are currently short of pruning shears so you may wish to bring your own for your use. We appreciate extra vases that are about quart sized to make arrangements for members of LFGC who are ill, hospitalized or bereaved.  Also, we have the need for the cylinder Kleenex boxes for helping to transport hospice vases. 


Please drop off at Nadine’s home on her front porch any time. 
(Home address is 24762 Rollingwood Road, Lake Forest.) Thank you.




We enjoy sending greeting cards. Let me know if you know of a Garden Club member who is ill or if you have not seen them in awhile.  

Pat Piecuch   |   Email: OR  Phone: 949-433-4330



The Penny Pines committee is excited and ready to start counting all of the donated pennies, quarters, and dollar bills that will be going towards purchasing more forest plantations this year. The Penny Pines program plays a vital role in these conservation efforts to restore and enhance the national forests in California. Last year our garden club was able to purchase five plantations, thanks to all the generous contributions. This year our goal is to supersede that amount. 

This year we are creating a new "Frequently Asked Questions" page to inform and to answer many questions that members may have about the Penny Pines Program. We invite all members to read over our FAQ page to get informed and to be inspired to either donate towards or purchase a plantation. Remember, at each of our meetings look for the Penny Pines collection box or for Susan or Suzanne, wearing their green aprons, in order to contribute. 

Let’s all continue to help keep our forests green and alive!


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