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Orange County District Garden Club

Garden for Life

1761 Members

23 Clubs

4 Youth Groups/ 20 Youth Projects


District Director Project:


I have changed the District Director Project to one that will be easier to participate in and involve us with National Garden Clubs Inc. and their partner, The Million Pollinators Garden Challenge.


“This is an unprecedented collaboration and our members will be providing food and habitat for pollinators in our home gardens (can even be a container on a deck or a condo window planter), as well as our public garden projects, youth garden projects, nursing homes, botanical gardens, business areas, and government offices. Monetary awards will be available for our member clubs, and we plan to coordinate grants to clubs that will plant pollinator gardens with our youth! It is SO important to teach our youth how to take care of our land, our wildlife, our food supply for the future! Who will teach them if we don’t!?” -National Garden Clubs Inc.


I have registered us as OrangeDistrictGardenClubsCalifornia. As you send me information about your pollinator garden, including size, photo and type, I will add it to our registration. Also send me the name and email of the person you want as contact.

Launa Gould , District Director                              

Email:               Phone 949-275-3974

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